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SQUARE WHEELS ON THE INTERSTATE   The bus life and times of retired Trailways driver Bob Beard.  60's through the 80's, 4104's through the Eagle 15's and including a few years with Greyhound and then into some local transportation systems.  A fun and easy read meeting the stars and sports figures he met, and going on movie locations with him.  Good times and bad, it's all here and most probably reflects some of the lives of other reader/drivers.  Soft cover, 268 pages, forward by P B S's Jim Lehrer.   This book received great reviews from the National Bus Trader, Bus World, Destinations, and from Trailways.      $13.00    

RUSS'S BUS    A reprint by the Motor Bus Society of Russ Byrd's original RUSS'S BUS which he published in 1945.  (Russ continued to drive 33 more years after writing this book.)  This book is a most interesting history of our bus industry from this driver's perspective.  He was hired off the streets of L. A. in 1927 to drive a sleeper coach from there to St. Louis.  Great tales of the hardships he, other drivers, and their passengers suffered in those early days.  Russ writes of the big bands he carried, the weather and the dirt roads, the military movements of W W II.  This reprint, although it has 2 pages reversed, actually has more pictures and cartoons than the original hard cover and a mid-70's update by Byrd himself.  Soft cover.     $10.00  

  Books are shipped book rate at a cost of $3.00 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional sent at the same time to the same address.

Books to Canada $18.00 each plus $6.00 postage and handling. Checks or money orders must be payable at U. S. banks in U. S. funds. (These prices are good for U.S. and Canada only)

Make checks payable to Robert J. Beard and mail requests to:

Square Wheels

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Other driver books which may be ordered directly from the authors:

MEMOIRS OF A GREYHOUND BUS DRIVER by Grady Hall Morgan. www.greyhounddriver.com

A MILLION MILES OR MORE by John W. Adams at: agadams_1@msn.com

BEHIND THE WHEEL ON ROUTE 66 by Howard Suttle.

Contact: 1727 Rathgeber Road, Wichita Falls TX 76310 (no computer)

Former UTU SLD named to editorial board

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Robert J. Beard, retired former UTU District of Columbia state legislative director, has been named to the editorial advisory board of Bus Ride magazine.

Brother Beard was a bus operator for Trailways from 1960 until 1987, and for Greyhound from 1987-1990. As a Trailways driver, he was a member of the now-closed UTU Local 1699 in Washington, D.C., and served as its local vice chairperson.

In addition to co-founding the Interstate Bus Driver's Association and being the editor of It's Over the Road magazine from 1966-73, Beard has been an airport, charter, paratransit and local transit driver for various companies on the east coast.

Beard is also the author of the book, "Square Wheels on the Interstate," and the museum curator to Trailways Transportation System's national headquarters. He also serves on the convention staff and as the chairperson for the Trailways Retirees' Association. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife of 44 years, Frances.

"It may be of further interest to UTU members, past and present, to visit our Trailways Archives at www.trailways.com," Beard said. "We would be most happy to have them visit us when in the Fairfax, Va., area, and we are continuing to accept donations to the museum. But please don't send anything to us without contacting us first, as we have no room to store duplications."

"From driving to marketing, the members of Bus Ride's brand-new editorial advisory board come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a love for the industry coupled with a wide array of knowledge and experience," Bus Ride magazine said.

September 17, 2002

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